Ertha’s Bio part 2


I will continue where I left off on part 1.

May 8, 2012 my daughter was admitted to the hospital. After many stick, due to the fact my daughter was a very hard sticks, they ran blood work and found her bone marrow had stop producing red and white blood cells and platelets. It was less than 15%. I was not a good match. She was placed on the bone marrow transplant list. About a week later her kidneys failed. She then started dialysis three times a week.

During the challenges my faith was strong. I never wavered in my belief that God can and will heal Kadie. I held onto scripture. I knew He raised Lazarus from the dead and He said Kadie shall live and not die. He also told me she shall a awsome testimony. She could not die bcause God is not a liar. Even when I saw defeat and hopelessness on the face of the doctors I yet held on. There were several close call but He saw her through them all. He made the impossible possible. Not even when I saw the fear in my daughter’s eyes as doctors and nurses worked for hours to stop her blood from leaving her body. Her body had stopped producing a key factor that’s required for clotting. Thank God the hospital administrators approved the use of a life saving treatment that made clotting possible. That day she lived to continue to fight.

However on June 8 2012 her blood pressure began to fall. By this time ammonia had build up very high in her body. The drugs used to keep the levels under control were no longer working as effectively. She was not herself.

On June 8 2012 her heart gave out. She fought courageously until the very end. She was a beautiful, smart, and a extraordinary young lady.

But I had some hard questions I needed answered. I needed answers from God. I did not need church platitudes but real anaswers from a true and living God.

I will continue to share candidly about my journey. My answers from God. How and why I know there is healing after great unbearable pain. A pain that mere words are incaple of doing justice. A indescribable pain and loss. It has been a process. It still is a process. It is my sincere prayer that in sharing my journey it will bless and inspire.


Psalm 30:11 ” You have turned for me my mouring into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me gladness”

Be bless